Running Citrix delivery workloads on vSphere

Hello friends, interesting question here regarding licensing.

We have a fairly large VMWare presence (100+ hosts) where we run both normal server workloads as well as deliver applications and desktops via Citrix. In conversation with a VAR the other day, they mentioned that we were potentially out of licensing compliance because we were using vSphere enterprise plus licenses on all of our hosts. He indicated that we needed to also purchase separate vSphere for desktop in order to host Citrix and that vSphere enterprise plus was not sufficient.

This seems counter to what I remember. If he’s correct, we may be looking at a large bill to buy different licenses.

Bottom line: Can we run application and desktop delivery workloads on vSphere enterprise plus or do we have to buy vSphere for desktop?

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  1. I don’t think your VAR is correct. We run similar workloads and have a huge Citrix presence hosted on VMWare (300 hosts or so) and don’t have any vSphere for Desktop licenses. We’ve been running this way for close to 10 years and have been through multiple contract renewals with VMWare. If it was an issue, we’d know by now.

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