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My question is:

Should USB passthrough work on Asrock Taichi X470 mobo and AMD Ryzen 2700 cpu?


I have installed latest VMWare Workstation 15.5 on Windows 10 1803 (with latest updates) and can’t force this configuration to see ANY usb devices on guest machines.

Tried W7 and W10 guests, different usb ports, pendrives, usb camera etc. Also tried to completly remove and clean reinstall of VMWare – nothing changed. Latest VMWare Tools installed.


This is only VMWare product installed (no ESX etc)

VMWare/Settings/USB Controller is present and tried as well 2.0 and 3.0 settings.


No matter what changes there is no effect.

I imagine maybe there is something wrong with x470 chipset and his cooperation with VMWare Workstation? Is someone that have this configuration force usb devices to work?

Any clue are welcome.


Also tried VMWare 15.5 on my second system (Dell 790, Win8.1) – on this Intel chipset any usb devices works like a charm.




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