Snapshot alarm triggering oddly

I have the usual snapshot alarm set up with email and recently we moved one of our sites to some new servers and storage. Since then about half of the VMs located there are sending snapshot size alarms when backups run, which in itself isn’t unusual but what is odd is the size they report as.

When the alarm comes in the alarm is reporting delta sizes that exactly match the VMDK size of the VM itself.


For example:

Previous Status: Green

New Status: Yellow

Alarm Definition:

([Yellow Metric Is above 5,242,880KB])

Current values for metric/state:

Metric Disk Overhead due to delta disk backings = 44,089,344KB


Alarm ‘_snapshot Size’ on ServerName changed from Green to Yellow


That 44,089,344KB is an exact match for the vmdk, and we have other ones that are much larger as well. These VMs don’t do much so there is no way the deltas grow that quickly, as when I go in and check in the morning there are no snapshots .

I’ve never seen this behaviour before, anyone point me in a useful direction?

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