“Unable to connect to MKS: Could not connect to pipe…” error message when opening console

I’m having the same issue as [this previous post](https://www.reddit.com/r/vmware/comments/5xfn11/unable_to_connect_to_the_mks_could_not_connect_to/), however his fix ([following these instructions](https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2007386)) did not fix my issue. I get this error message randomly every few weeks and there is no known issue that causes this, its completely random.

The only known fix is to scrap my windows 10 seat and rebuild it and reinstall vsphere, I’ve tried only uninstalling/reinstalling vsphere but it did not fix the issue.

Has anybody had any success with this?

Windows 10 1803

Vsphere Client Version 6.0.0 Build 9103891

Update: The error message appears in the vsphere desktop client, but NOT the web client…the web client works fine

Update 2: The desktop client started working again randomly, without changing any settings…there seems to be no cause for it to break or fix


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  1. This is almost certainly a network issue. Make sure you can ping the host and connect to it on port 443. I’m not sure if the VMRC uses any other ports, but I’m sure VMware has it documented somewhere.

  2. Looks like you cannot connect to the host directly. Make sure you can access the ESXi host the vm is running on by DNS (if host is added to vcenter via fqdn) or IP address

  3. Sounds like a TLS 1.0 issue. The client is looking for that to be enabled while the web client is using something higher. There are a few KBs out there for it, I can’t find the specific one on mobile.

  4. As has been mentioned, MKS requires TCP 902 open between the client and the ESXi host running the VM. If you have hardened the environment by restricting the number of connections to MKS this can cause this exact issue.

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