Upgrade VCSA 6.5 U3 to 6.7 U3

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i don;t have lab environment in our current infrastructure and all i need to Upgrade my VCSA 6.5 U3 to 6.7 U3. i am struggling to find info for how to upgrade from 6.5 to 6.7, there are lots vedios on you-tube but i have some different design. let me explain that

I have 3 data center on different location, each Data center have each Vcenter and external PSC, so total 3 VCSA with 3 External PSC and all are connected with linked mode. now i am struggling with some info for upgrade which is that,

what is correct upgrade path from VCSA 6.5 U3 to VCSA 6.7 U3

do i have to upgrade first with external PSC to 6.7 and then migrate to embedded PSC?

if during the upgrade process external PSC will convert to embedded PSC then why it not asking any info for external PSC?

during upgrade i need to give different name of vm and then we can change it so in that situation do i only need to change name after new vcsa deployed? or i have to change internal bios name, ip, etc?

can someone please help me to direct correct way as i said i don’t have lab and struggling with find way.

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  1. The upgrade won’t convert your PSCs. You need to upgrade everything first (do the 3 PSCs first, then the vCenters), and the converge the PSCs into the vCenters.

    The new name and IP address are only used temporarily. The tool deploys a new 6.7 appliance, then clones the 6.5’s data (including IP, certs, and name) over to it. Once that’s all done, you can remove/rename the old appliance, and rename the new appliance VM.

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