Upgrading VCSA 6.0 to VCSA 6.7 in ELM with embedded PSC


I currently have two VCSA 6.0 in ELM with embedded PSC’s. I woud like to upgrade both to the latest version of 6.7 (U3 I believe).

What I’ve failing to find is how the actual upgrade process should go. Ideally, I would like to first upgrade one of the vcenters, and a few days later do the other one (one vcenter is used for production environment, the other one for dev environment). Is that possible? Will they still work in ELM in-between the two upgrades? Or could something break because of this?

I really don’t care for ELM — I would break it if possible, but from what I’ve found so far it’s not possible to do that when using embedded PCS’s (I did find some articles on breaking it with external controllers though, although not officially supported by VMware).


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  1. I would validate that you actually have embedded PSCs because from my recollection, only external PSCs were supported for ELM in 6.0.

    Regardless, you really should upgrade both of them at the same time, if you can. Running a mixed environment is technically not supported. If you truly have embedded PSCs, then you would not want to do this anyway. The vmdird database within the PSCs will have a different schema’s due to the difference in builds after upgrading just 1. Because of this difference, the vmdird (think SSO) data will not be replicated so in essence, you will break replication the moment you upgrade one side. This could be very bad and actually cause you bigger headaches.

    So… not suggested.

    If you do have external PSCs (more likely), you upgrade them first (one at a time) and then once all PSCs are done, you can upgrade the vCenter Server (concurrently if you like). All of the PSCs have to be done prior to any VC being touched.

    In this scenario, you could get away with upgrading the PSCs one night (would have to do them all), one VC a day or two later as authentication should stil work for the 6.0 VCs using 6.5 PSCs, and then the last VC a few days after that. Again, it is technically not supported to run a mixed environment long term but for short term / upgrade purposes, you could probably get away with it without issue. Although, I would not expect full ELM functionality to be there due to the differences in the builds of the VC Servers. My experience is that the 6.5 VC will see both while the 6.0 VC would only see itself (until upgraded).

    Hope all that helps.

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