VCP-DCV re-cert question

VMware changed the re-certification requirement last year from “every 2 years” to “every 3 versions”. But, I can’t find an authoritative definition of what they mean by “versions”.

Since they have started putting the year in the certification name (e.g. “VCP-DCV 2020”), does that mean three certification versions, so effectively meaning re-certify every three years (assuming one certification name change per year).

Or do they mean versions of vSphere release? So with my current VCP6.5-DCV, VCP6.7-DCV would be one version, VCP7-DCV (I assume 7.0 would be next) would be two versions, and the release after 7.0 would be the third.

The reason I ask is I’ve been tasked with so many certs to gain this year that if I can defer the VCP-DCV re-certification by a year that would really help. However, I don’t want to exceed the three versions and have to go on the training course (quite an expense and 4 or 5 days out of my schedule).

I’ve asked our distribution partner (I work for a reseller) and they have asked VMware, but I’ve asked so many people and even the same people several times, that it’s starting to get embarrassing. I keep getting sent the same [FAQ PDF](https://campaign.vmware.com/imgs/edu/VMware_Recertification_Rollback_FAQ.pdf) over and over again, which does not define what the “versions” are referring to.

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