VM reporting full memory usage in esxi & vcenter but host usage isn’t even close.

Hello /r/vmware

I’ve got a VM thats always reporting in ESXI and vcenter that its memory is 100% in use when this is never the case.

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Actual usage at the time of this snip was around 2.7GB, any happen to know why this is happening? It does have the memory reserved but I wouldn’t think that would result in reporting 100% usage.

Any help is welcome.


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  1. Why are you reserving the VM’s memory? There’s almost never a good reason for reserving memory or CPU for a VM if there are other VMs running on the same host.

    Additionally if the host is part of a cluster and HA is enabled for the cluster it significantly impacts the admission control for the cluster.

    So, unless you have a specific reason for reserving the memory, consider disabling the reservation. As long as there are not significant memory pressures on the host from other VMs I do not anticipate that you would see any performance hit on this particular VM.

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