Vmware 15.5.x extremely slow with Hyper-V

I’ve seen this reported over on the vmware site but they always seem to respond with them being unable to replicate it despite numerous reports of the same thing with various hardware configurations..

Things to note..

1. Vmware is very fast with Hyper-V disabled
2. Virtualbox using Hyper-V enabled is very fast
3. Vmware with Hyper-V enabled is VERY slow
4. Product is vmware workstation 15.5.6 on Windows 10

I have Hyper-V enabled because I use it for WSL2 which I use quite a bit.. and based on the list above, the only thing that seems negatively impacted by Hyper-V is Vmware ( I am using 15.5.6 )


AMD-FX8350 8-Core at 4.1ghz ( runs great with Hyper-v off so it’s not that )
RTX 2080ti 11g
32gb DDR3
2tb SSDs for a total of 8tb, plus a 4gb standard HD.. vms run on SSD and the system drive is SSD

There’s plenty of power there for vmware, and again I remind that vmware works great with Hyper-V off, it’s pretty much native speed.. and virtualbox handles hyper-v fine..

The easiest thing would be just to give up vmware and go with virtualbox but I honestly prefer vmware so I’d like to try getting it resolved.. like I said, others have reported this to vmware.. I’ve tried all suggestions I saw including boosting video memory, boosting physical memory, boosting cores..

I even tried installing vmware on my macbook pro ( 2017 ) with Windows 10 using bootcamp and it too has drastic slowdown.. that hardware is totally different of course, lesser video card but faster processor.. etc..

I tried going from UEFI to BIOS and back as well .. nothing did a bit of good..

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