Vmware doesn’t like our team email address and sent us a Non compliance notice

How they determined it was a group mailbox is spooky, but VMware says techteam@company.org is no longer allowed to create support requests.

Any insights as to why VMware wants us to maintain 5 accounts instead of one with approved admins on the list?

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  1. While I don’t have any insight as to why VMware support would mandate that, there is a secondary contact field available when you submit a ticket where you can make sure the group e-mail distro is copied. That’s how we handle keeping our group up to date on these.

  2. Have each user use their own account, but copy the distribution list in your secondary email field, when filing support requests. You can also CC it yourself when exchanging emails. The rationale has been somewhat covered in other replies, but it really rears its head more often for larger accounts, not necessarily your team of three. I guess the main issue is you’re not getting lenience for this, over the larger companies abusing the distribution list for their seat count, and support/business region constraints.

    Edit: If your team members are located in different geos and attempting/expecting work in more than one region, this is already a big red flag.

  3. Sharing password is just bad security practice. VMware is well setup to allow teams to manage individual user accounts securely. There really is no good reason not to do that. You can’t honestly expect anyone to believe that it is too much effort.

  4. We’ve used a team account for support for years with no problems. I always fill in my own work email address in the secondary email field when logging support requests.

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