VMWare Fusion guest can’t set resolution properly

I’ve built a KDE Neon (Ubuntu based distro) VM in Fusion 11 on my Macbook Pro. I cannot set resolution inside the guest VM. Any time I try to change resolution, it auto-changes back to what it wants. I either get the full Retina resolution, which makes text near unreadable, or I get 1680×1050. I just want to set it at 1920×1080. (at full screen).
I feel like I’m not doing something correctly, but Google search hasn’t helped so far. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the current setting, but I’ve tried many combinations of the settings on this page:


Host is Macbook Pro mid-2017


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  1. Make sure `open-vm-tools` and `open-vm-tools-desktop` are installed.

    Be sure you’re clicking apply or save in the window after setting the resolution? (I always use the next method so I’m unfamiliar with setting the resolution to anything else)…

    If you check “Use full resolution for Retina display” in Fusion display preferences. Then in the Display settings in KDE set the scaling to 2 to make the text and everything else a normal size, after that adjust the height of the bottom panel where you like it.

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