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     I have noticed a pattern with our environment that doesn’t appear to happen always, but probably about 40% of the time.

this for me is occurring while running the client from home, connected via ethernet to my home router, then connecting to work VDI.

eSXi 6.5U3

Vmware Tools in Guest OS 11.0.5 build 15389592


After 4 hours and while actively using my Horizon session, I am kicked from my Horizon session with the message “Error:Timeout was reached”.



I am unable to reconnect for approximately 10 minutes


pool settings are set to 480 mins (8 hrs ) after disconnect, but I haven’t disconnected.


global settings are set to never forcibly disconnect users


Is there a “forcibly logoff users” timeout setting somewhere?



this issue occurs about 4 hours after logging in at the beginning of the day (around 11:30am) and although I am normally logged in for about 9 hours, I have not seen this behavior in the afternoons.

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