VMware support call process

When did calling into support result in the inability to speak to a person? Sev1 engagement entered earlier this evening and while yes I received a “we are reviewing your request now” within 30 minutes, never received a email or call from a support engineer and that was after waiting over 4 hours.

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  1. I don’t know why you didn’t get a callback, but there’s no way I’d wait 4 hours with a Sev 1.

    Wait 5/10 minutes after lodging the case through the webpage, and then call the technical support line. From there you’re either transferred through to your assigned engineer, or the next available engineer. Note the time you started the call and then at each stage, just in case your management wants an update.

    If you get put on hold, then you wait on hold (and note everything). It’s not as though you have anything else better to do.


    Wait, did you even get an email acknowledging the case? If you didn’t, that sounds like bad contact details.

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