vNUMA, CPU hot plug and SQL Server

Something is not 100% clear to me.

When enabling CPU hot add NUMA will not be extended into the virtual machine.

So usually it is recommended not to enable when running high usage VMs like MS SQL Server.

But from what I understand, if you size the VM to fit within a single physical Socket capacity NUMA is not relevant at all. So if I have an ESX with 2 CPUs that each has 16 cores and a total of 512GB RAM (filing all sots on the motherboard), and I have a SQL server with up to 16 cores and 256GB RAM I should not worry at all about any NUMA stuff.

Is this correct?

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  1. You shouldn’t probably need CPU hot add. On SQL I am pretty sure that once you add a CPU you have to restart the service, and at that point why not just restart the OS?

    What version of ESXI are you running?

    I have always just told the VM how many cores I wanted and it took care of the core/socket for me, but my biggest is 8 cores.

    On top of all that, depending on what kind of SQL license you have, it may not matter what’s best practice if you license is for 2 cores.

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