vSAN caching tier

Is an SSD caching tier REQUIRED for vSAN?

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  1. It is “required” in the sense that there have been a lot of assumptions in vsan that hold only if the cache device is a SSD or nvme.

    I remember we had tried scsi 15k as the cache a long time ago and iirc, the result was that the system had latency and throughout that felt like a 7.5K disk.

  2. Honestly though SSD are cheap. 64GB for $18 will get you by in a tiny lab. Spend a bit more and run your entire lab on vSAN.

    Try to size your SSD to meet the size of your VMs at minimum the size of ram in your server but double is a good start.

  3. Yes, SSD is required and if you ask me All Flash is mandatory.

    vSAN, as all HCI solutions, have important caveats with rotational disk, even with 15K drives how it handles reads it’s a performance bootleneck.

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