vSAN Network LAG’s fail after upgrade from ESXi v6.0 U3 to ESXi v6.7 U3

Has anyone had any issue where your vSAN LAG’s fail after upgrading to ESXi v6.7 U3? We run a separate vDS for our vSAN Network with two LAG’s (Each LAG is made up of (2) 1GB NIC’s) . The LAG’s are setup on separate VLAN’s (.91 / .92) and worked fine when running ESXi v6.0 U3. After the upgrade the LAG’s failed to establish a partner on reboot or startup. The way around this is to manually down and up one of the LAG NIC’s. Once this is done one of the LAG’s is created and the other LAG is only create with one side of the pair (the other NIC is actually Blocked on the Switch). Of course with the upgrade we upgraded our vDS from 6.0.0 to 6.6.0. VMWare Tech Support is telling me that the vDS only support one LAG per vDS but it obviously worked when running vDS v6.0.0. We are running HP Servers (DL380 Gen 10), Core Switch is a HP 5406Rzl2 and two HP 2920 Switches for the vSAN Network. The other LAG we run for the Management VMKernal works with no issues on it’s own separate vDS.

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  1. I have bad experiences in the past with LAG and some weird negotiation issues. after some time we decided to disable LAG at all.

    Regarding your question, altough something is technically doable it doesn’t mean that it’s a supported configuration, Has you tried to configure only one LAG on one host and try it?.

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