Vsphere 7.x compatible RAID controllers NOT on the HCL?

Howdy all.

Before I go spending a butt ton more on storage controllers for my new server build, I was hoping there was a Megaraid or other RAID controller that’s NOT on the v7 HCL, that someone here has tried and was found working?

I am a bit miffed that so much hardware that works otherwise perfectly fine, was dropped due to this whole vmklinux debacle. I get it, Dell EMC wanting to probably push their own things, and hardware vendors should step it up some more for drivers, but so much hardware is going to waste in my lab now…

Anyhow, I may opt for Vmware 6.7 at this point and say to heck with 7 until a later time when it’s been out much longer, but since this is a new build I’d rather start with the latest and greatest.

I can pull the trigger now on a raid controller that’s 6.7 compatible but…not sure what else I can do sans spend more $$ and wait a few weeks for one on the HCL (and I’m finding a few on the HCL that is contraindicated on the forums as far as what’s working goes…).

Help, please and thank you 🙂

Edit: I found the hp smartarray p410 on the 7.0 working list…and I just chucked a few a month ago….fudge.

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  1. vSphere 7 removed a TON of hardware support. IMHO start looking at Proxmox if you want to hang on to your older hardware. vSphere7 is going to require more recent hardware moving forward.

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