vSphere Standard vs Enterprise Plus for GPU

We’re looking to buy 2 servers on which we want to host a VM which would required a GPU.

So far, after reading about vSGA vs vGPU vs vDGA vs GRID, we think about going with vDGA to maintain compatibility and performance with the software vendor.

For some reason, Dell seems to requires 2 CPU even if we would be good with 1 for processing power. But as the licensing model of VMware is based on socket, 2 sockets of Enterprise Plus is a lot more costly than 2 sockets of Standard.

Standard doesn’t include: Accelerated Graphics for Virtual Machines

But it’s unclear for me which or which combination (maybe all) of those accelerated graphics solutions aren’t supported:
* vSGA (Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration)
* vGPU or MxGPU (Virtual Shared Pass-Through Graphics Acceleration)
* vDGA (Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration)

Anyone know?

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  1. The issue is with the PCIe lanes available. Intel servers have the PCIe lanes bound to specific sockets. The x16 slots for GPU tend to be assigned to the 2nd socket in Dell & HPE servers, since hardware like the RAID card and 10gb NICs are assigned PCIe lanes from the first socket. Depending on the model, some systems can have PCIe x16 on the first processor, letting you do a 1 socket configuration.

  2. Number of CPUs isn’t just about processing power/cores, it’s for the most part about supported configurations. It greatly impacts what memory, storage and GPU layout you can achieve on the system.

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