Ways for reclaiming thin provision used space apart from SDELETE and vmkfstools?

Hello there! I need some help and ideas. I need to reclaim unused space, around 5TB total from 3 disks. The server is super-duper critical and I want to keep downtime at the minimum. I don’t have a lot of extra space so it’s kinda complicated. Do you know any way other than SDELETE and vmkfstools to reclaim unused space? The vmdks used to have 2tb data each but now they have ~500Gb, I could really use those TB on my datastores.

Thanks a lot! Sorry if I’m not super clear, english isn’t my native language.


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  1. Well, you gave us the whole picture. It looks like it’s the only way, dude.

    Are you running vsphere 6.5+? You could run sdelete and let it be for a while to see if the vmdk disk space is reclaimed. Given that you configured the datastore for reclamation, that is.

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