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I’ve tried to make a SAN with freeNAS, using iSCSI, the result was the device had ‘normal, degraded’ as status and 0 B storage.


I have two VMs in VMware Workstation 15 Player, a FreeNAS and an vSphere Esxi 6.7 host, nothing serious i just wanna learn about it.



1 network card with a static IP:

Portal: Group ID: 1, Listen:, Discovery Auth Method: None, Discovery Auth Group: None

Initiator: Group ID 1, Initiators: ALL, Authorized networks: ALL

Target: Target Name: freenas

Extents: Extenttype: Device, Device: Datastore/iSCSI, Logical block size: 512, TPC enabled

Associated Targets: Target: freenas, LUN ID: 1, Extent Datastore



1 network card, static IP:

2 network card, static IP:

iSCSI conf: iSCSI activated, no CHAP authentification, Port:, Dynamic Target:, Static Target:


I’ll appreciate any form of criticism, don’t be shy


Thanks for anyone reading through the mess I’ve created, I hope someone can help me.


thanks and best regards.

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