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We have an ESXi 6.0 host that’s got disconnected from its 6.0 vCenter, and we need to _safely_ reconnect it, as it has many running VMs on it. The error message is:

     Cannot synchronize host xxxxxxxx. Disconnected from host. Reason: Cannot verify the SSL thumbprint.

We believe it became disconnected after an A-record was added to our DNS server with the same name as the host but with a different IP address. The record duplicate has been removed, but the host is still disconnected.
I am concerned that when we manually reconnect the host, the distributed networking may be disrupted and the running VMs will loose connectivity. I have read many articles that highlight issues with loosing vDS configuration when removing or adding a host to a vCenter.

VMware article “Reconnecting Hosts After Changes to the vCenter Server SSL Certificate” suggests the host should simply be re-connected, but it does not mention what happens to running VMs & use of vDS.
Perhaps there is another way we can have the host and vCenter communicate again easily? As mentioned, the duplicate A-Record no longer exists, and in theory, it should be ok.

The host is in a cluster, but there is no DRS/HA etc. enabled. Hosts are all added to vCenter using their FQDN.

Thank you for any help.

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