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So here is one that I can’t seem to figure out.



I recently spun up a new 6.7 host on new hardware and am getting very bad download speed from the internet (either updates, or just file downloads from a browser.) downloads will quickly drop from multiple MB/s down to 4-8kbps within seconds, and then just stay there on multiple VM’s both windows and linux.


It is not a slow mirror issue, It happens with all files on the VM, and I downloaded the same file from a non-VM machine:


from the same mirror that I did from a VM:




If I transfer files to/from a shared drive on one of the VM’s I get >100MBps (which maxes out the 1Gbps NIC) sustained throughout the transfer, so it doesn’t seem to be a network or disk issue.





If I run a browser speedtest or iPerf test on a VM, it easily hits a good speed, with iPerf showing 800+ Mbps up and down to public servers, while downloads still seem to stall at 10kbps.




At the same time streaming video on a VM has no issues (and youtube stats show 100+mbps ‘connection speed) It’s only when downloading a file that the issue seems to crop up.




I have been running a Ubuntu install and it has been trying to download updates for over an hour (with 84 minutes remaining on the timer for downloading a language pack) on a WAN connection where the bottleneck is the 1Gbps connection to the server.



I see no impact on the VM’s performance wise (installing already downloaded files, running tasks, booting etc) I just can’t download files.


Torrents run at full speed:



But trying to wget a file shows things go slow so it is not just a browser thing:




VMTools are installed


Anyone seen anything like this before? It is a new one for me.

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